Friday, March 21, 2014

A girl at the rock show

Sienna Miller,  Kate Bosworth, Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Hudgens… all part and parcel for the yearly music festival scene,  most notably Coachella,  where the fashionable have come to flock.  The cameras snap more for their takes on a revamped, boho - rock (Sienna with that mini dress and over sized studded belt.. damn!) or full festival hippie (VH we're lookin at you right now) more so then for an ever so rare sighting of a musician.  My friend Ana can back this one up.. she has to 25 pics she rapid fire snapped of paris hilton, and a solo bewildered look when we almost quite literally ran into Tommy Lee, to prove it.     

With the festival season just around the corner here at OS we've taken a look back … WAAAAY back, before the Sienna's and the Kate's, to some of the original fashionable festival chics.  They were models, actresses and musicians themselves.  They were scandalous, passionate, beautiful and had a certain taste for that rock n roll persuasion.  

Anita Pallenberg
'rolled all over the Stones' 


Jane Birkin
'from the bag to Lou, this Birkin has left a mark beyond her personal style'

Marianne Faithful
'Musican and Mick'

Talithia Getty
'beautiful and damed' -YSL

Stevie Nicks
'If a caption is needed… please return your festival tickets immediately'

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