Monday, November 4, 2013

I'll Tell Ya Want, What I Really, Really Want

One of my very first memories of being introduced to 90's culture was on my 6th birthday, my Dad had given me a 90210 backpack (BAM!!).   Now, obviously, being the ripe young age of 6, I wasn't exactly in the know, BUT what I did know was that somewhere in the universe of culture, 90210 was a thing and I knew that THIS. SHIT.  WAS.  COOL.   MY next big 90's moment was experiencing the masterful lyricism of Get Down by The Backstreet Boys course through my body for the very first time.
The next few years was a whirlwind of Girl Power, Clueless, my first Jennifer Aniston hair cut and dreaming of my high school days to come when I could talk and dress like those cool kids on my 90210 backpack. 
For me, the resurgence of 90's fashion is like one great do-over to right the wrongs of all my pre-teen fashion faux pas'.  And, as if it couldn't be any better than that, the second surge is only inspired by the 90's, which means all of the good stuff and none of the garbage.  
As 90's fashion cues are showing up all over the scene... here is our trip down nostalgia lane to some of our fav from the decade from new wave alternative rock to pop princesses, fashions of utter simplicity to styles where branding reigned supreme, platform shoes to Kate Moss.. 
So let's all grab our diet cokes and cheers to crop tops and ripped jeans, crushed velvet and Calvin 
Klein underwear ads. 

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