Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Todays shoot was a huge success!! We kicked off the day early with some spiked coffees, got our babes into some hair and makeup and they killed every shot like seasoned pros!  Steph and Megs were on it for hair and makeup making sure no scene had any hint of deflated un-tousled hair.  The studs Ry and Jon made an afternoon appearance to the set where Ry trumped all the girls for best hair and we wrapped the day with a grand finale group shot for the new 'BoyFriend' line.   I can't wait to see the pics and video footage from Alan and Dagget!!
...and que the outtakes...

Paige chipper and cheerful in hair and make-up

Babes being Babes

First shot of the day!!  Killed it!

Jasmine and Elise posing for outtakes in the Waldorf party room
Life in Polaroids 

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